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Login to your dashboard and locate Daily Campaign or Sponsored Post from your dashboard menu, click on it to see our daily ads campaign, open it share by clicking the share button below it and after share you will earn your ₦100 daily.

Absolutely not. we all no how this thing work in some platform and thats why we came up on monthly renewal so it will properly regulate revenue to everyone as matter of fact, if you have not received your payments on points your still consider a premium member at our end, So You don’t have to refer a single person if you don’t want to. You can set up your account and begin earning right away. However, if you do decide to refer a friend to also enjoy the benefits you enjoy from our program, and to help expand our reach, we’ll pay you  ₦1,000 commission per referral. This money is added to your Affiliate account balance, money you can withdraw to your bank account alone and get alert within 24hours after request.

If you refer up to 10 people to subscribe, we extend your subscription period by 30 days, at no extra cost! Note that you must have an active subscription in order to be rewarded for referrals.

Do i Have To Pay Every Month or Is The N1,700 plan for infinity?

We have really come up on monthly plan to make people more relevant on our Forum However, People don’t get paid in other platform at the end they are tagged to be SCAMMERs, we do not want to have such experience here, they don’t get paid in other Platforms, because they don’t login and share campaign or sponsored post daily, this is why we made it to be monthly subscription so that every members gets involved and it might interest you to know how we Generate Revenue on Activity Points, without sharing sponsored post daily which you earn N100 daily we may not have enough to pay, now if your not relevant on this forum by doing simple task daily how do we generate the money to pay you Activities Points?

so we make our subscription monthly and you do not have to worry because we have you in mind and that’s why we came up with another plan that will remedy this, it means if you have up to 10 referral monthly you will not need to Pay for another N1,700 monthly, we will Upgrade you for another 30 days Free without you paying a dime, if you continue having up to 10 referral monthly then you will continue having Free Upgrade monthly and this continue all time.

After your subscription period is extended by 30 days, further referrals up to 10 will continue rewarding you another 30 days subscription bonus. If you don’t have a referral and your subscription expired, you can renew your subscription otherwise your account will be terminated after your payment.
If you wish to continue (and given how awesome this is, why wouldn’t you?), simply resubscribe. Same rules as before. 10 new referrals (which we must stress, are optional) will still grant you an extra free month on your new subscription. On and on it goes, ad infinitum.

Receiving your Affiliate payment could take minutes or hours. Most payments clear within 24 hours.

Receiving your Points payment could take 24 – 72hours. Most payments clear within a week.

Good You Asked, this is where Naira Disqus income Has a Head over other platforms, We Allow Affiliate Earning from ₦1,000 up to Unlimited Amount to be withdrawn daily and we pay within 24hrs.

But on Activities Points Earning, The Withdrawal Button is Only Opened weekly and once we open it, you can withdraw and get paid after our Team Review your Activities then you can get your Alert within 24 – 72hours. Most payments clear within a week After Cashout.

What Kind Of Comments Are Allowed?
Take note that this is a Forum that most Discussion takes place and you’re required to contribute to the Forum via the comment section, You’re not allowed to comment below 50 characters example: ok, good, nice, congratulation, sorry, wow, good or i think is good, he should face it, i Think that will be a better thing to do, whatsoever of this kind will be trashed and N7 will be deducted on each comment with such violation and your comments must be in line with the post, however, Your advised to be more creative, in your contribution and we do not allow copy and paste or duplicate comments, Fresh comments on Each Post, We need relevant comments, not trash, and that is why we’re paying high (N7) on the comment section.